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Are Montessori Schools Really the Best Option for Children?

Are Montessori Schools Really the Best Option for Children?

The research behind Montessori schools and methods

Overall Translation

We do not have evidence that Montessori schools provide a particular advantage over other educational approaches. Maria Montessori had incredible ideas that revolutionized early education and many high-quality preschools now emulate Montessori classrooms. However, Montessori schools are usually more expensive and more likely to be private than conventional schools. If a Montessori school fits into your budget and seems right for your child and your family’s needs, this may be a great choice for your family. However, if a Montessori school is out of your budget or doesn’t make sense for your family in other ways, you should feel good about choosing a non-Montessori school. Either way, it can be helpful to know which aspects of a Montessori school are supported by research and which aspects need more research.

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